Mill Road sewer lining repairs complete

Anglian Water is currently undertaking a sewer strengthening project on the sewer system in Mill Road, Cambridge.

Residents have faced sewer problems on Mill Road throughout the summer, with a sewer collapse causing the road to be closed for around three months earlier in the year. The project will be completed this week and will mean the sewer should not see the problems it has witnessed in the past.

As part of the strengthening project, the sewer has been fitted with a resin impregnated liner. This repairs any small cracks in the length of the pipe, but more importantly in this case, adds the needed rigidity to stop any further collapse.

The road has remained open throughout the sewer lining process.

Anglian Water spokesperson, John Clare, stated:

“Prevention is better than cure and these works were all about prevention. We identified these sections of sewer as being at risk of collapse in the future and acted to make sure that does not happen.

“One huge advantage of using this method was that we did not have to dig up the road, which remained open throughout.”

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