Many areas have better protection against flooding

The Environment Agency has recently revealed that around 182,000 households in England now have been provided with an improved defence against the risk of flood.

According to a report from the organisation, this has exceeded the three-year target originally set by the government by 37,000 properties.

As well as this, a record number of homes in areas considered at a high risk of flooding are now registered on the national flood warning service, which is free.

With one in six homes in the country being at risk from floods, the EA has urged all property and business owners to visit their website and see whether they are affected by this. They can also sign up for coastal and river flood warnings as well.

Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, Dr Paul Leinster, said:

“Many communities are at lower risk of flooding from rivers and the sea as a result of major improvements to defences. We’ve completed more than 300 new flood schemes since 2008, increasing protection to more than 182,000 households.

“We continue to reduce flood risk through better flood warnings and improved plans to respond when flooding does occur.

“However, the reality is that flooding can’t be totally prevented. More people are becoming aware of the risks a flood might pose.

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