Manchester Airport below ground drains survey

The Drainage Consultants were approached and asked to submit a price for the clean and survey of the below ground drainage system at Manchester Airport. As part of this project, it was necessary to identify interceptors.

After quoting, the Drainage Consultants were considered the best for the job and will begin work in a few weeks’ time. The first step is obviously the clean and survey, after which a report will be compiled for the client, highlighting any problems and defects together with a price for repairs.

A clean and survey involves first jet washing the drains. Water is forced through the drainage system at high pressure, removing any build-up of grime and debris. This is a safe method that ensures cleaner drains without posing any risk to the pipework.

Having carried out this first stage, the drains are then surveyed using CCTV. A camera is passed through the pipework which then transmits the images for examination. Any damaged or suspect areas can then be noted and added to the report.

When the client receives the report, they can then judge whether additional work is needed or not. If it is, it is a straightforward task to go ahead and make repairs as the damaged areas have already been identified.

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