Making the most of trenchless technology

If the specialists called in to inspect your damaged drainage pipes, find that they are beyond repair, then the latest trenchless technology techniques can be used to install new pipes without the need for excavation.

In the past, this was the only real way for work to be done on pipes that could not be repaired. The road or area around the drainage system would have to have been dug up in order for the new land drains, supply pipes or pumped drainage lines to be laid down successfully.

The specialist team of engineers can now utilise impact moling to install new pipes. This method is extremely cost-effective and it can also save time too. A pneumatic piercing tool is put into action to compact and displace the soil instead of having to remove it completely.

A drainage contractor will implement this impact moling technique as it is less expensive than the old trenching methods and it also has low operational costs as well. The fact that it hardly disrupts the environment surrounding the pipes means that customers are satisfied with the work. The only time when this method is not really suitable is when the conditions are rocky.

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