Lothian homes identified as being at risk of flooding

It has been reported that over 13,000 residential properties and nearly 1,300 businesses in the Lothians, Scotland, are in danger of suffering flood damage in the near future.

According to official calculations published in a flood management consultation by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the damage resulting from this flooding could total at least £115 million.

The document reveals that the area is particularly vulnerable from the flooding of various rivers and their tributaries and this is all detailed in the report.

SEPA has proposed a number of flood defence measures to be installed in the places most at risk from flooding. The scale of the problem could be quite widespread, so the plan of action has been devised accordingly.

Stewart Stevenson, the Environment Minister, said:

“Flooding can have a devastating impact on homes and businesses. I welcome these measures which are designed to reduce the risk of flooding and ensure that, where floods occur, they are effectively managed.”

The Braid Burn Flood Prevention Scheme in Edinburgh is one such measure which has already been successfully implemented after 250 homes and businesses were significantly damaged by flooding back in 2000.

In addition to these flood defences, it is also necessary to carry out regular drain inspection work to ensure that the sewerage system is flowing as it should and not at risk of flooding.

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