What Hidden Secrets Will Your Drain Survey Uncover?

The sort of things you might find out about your drains from a drain survey give a clear indication of why drain surveys are so important for the upkeep and maintenance of your drains.

If a building is near to large trees there can be root damage to pipe work. Sometimes there is significant tree root incursion into manholes, making them defective. Pipes may also come to be fractured, broken or displaced over time.

Typically, a drain survey will be able to pinpoint all these defects. It’s not always a case of responding to blockages; sometimes there will be no history of any blocked drains but a survey will uncover issues around leakage due to soil erosion. You may also need to know where main sewer pipes are located if you’re planning to extend a building.

Drain surveys are, then, an essential diagnostic tool and a crucial element in the planning aspects of building and refurbishment work.

What you get from your drain survey is a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the state of your drains. This will include a DVD of the CCTV drain survey footage, a full set of data sheets, a written report and a schematic plan detailing drainage pipework layout, numbered manhole locations and details regarding the direction of flow.

The drain survey is produced with the end-user in mind, so we try to keep it as straightforward and easy to understand as possible. We want you to be able to understand exactly what issues you may be facing with your drains so that you’ll be reassured when we tell you how we’re going to deal with them.

We’ll include these recommendations in your report, so that you’re clear what needs to be done and how we can accomplish it for you. Our drain survey may have uncovered a few things you didn’t expect, but the important thing is that we can then take action to get them fixed.

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