Have you noticed signs that your bath is becoming blocked? (Part 2)

The last article looked at the immediate thing to try should your bath be taking much longer than normal to empty after a bath or shower. It might be easy to fix the problem by removing any hair or scum from around the plug hole, but if not, then consider the following information.

If the root of the problem is not immediately visible to you, you might wish to try using a piece of wire or something similar to try and pull it out. You can make yourself a hook out of the wire so that the hair can be successfully removed.

However, should the issue be more than this, such as when the waste pipe seems to be blocked, you can call the experts to ask them to perform a drain inspection on the pipes. They will find a solution to clear your bathroom blockages in no time.

In future, you might wish to think about using a hair trap which can be placed over the plug hole in the bath and can be used to collect anything which is not meant to be passing through the drainage system. This should hopefully prevent this particular situation from happening again.

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