What Happens When We Inspect Your Drains?

There are a number of reasons why you might need a drain inspection. When something is wrong with your drains, this can show up in a number of different ways. You might find, simply, that water is not draining away, or is doing so very slowly; or there might be a strong, unpleasant odour coming from your drains.

Alternatively, if you’re planning building work where you need confirmed information about the location of sewers and pipes before commencing work, then a drainage inspection will provide you with up to date detail.

For some mortgages, your lender may require a drainage investigation before approving your loan.

Our Investigation Methods

We use a number of different processes for a drain inspection. Each has its own way of revealing aspects of the drainage network; and the different methods complement one another; and each may be required depending on the individual circumstances.

Sonar drain tracing involves us using specialist equipment that effectively ‘reads’ the drainage network by way of electric pulses. This is especially useful where there are tricky, hard to reach areas and where we think there may be areas of damage or deterioration. What we get from drain tracing is a proper idea of the route and depth of a drain.

Dye testing is where we release coloured dye into your drainpipe. This will quickly reveal where there are any problems, especially where water is leaking from a drainage network into a cellar.

A CCTV drain survey gives us the means to visually inspect and record conditions inside a drainage network. We send cameras down the drains and what they record forms the basis of a comprehensive drain report which will highlight trouble spots, weaknesses and areas of damage or deterioration.

From our survey data we can produce accurate drain mapping – essential for planning building or renovation work. It is often the case that existing drainage network plans are out of date, or incomplete, and the data we gather from a thorough drain inspection can fill in the gaps.

All our solutions are state-of-the-art, designed to maximise efficiency while minimising cost. If you have any doubts or questions about your drains, give us a call.