Flooding concerns raised in Morpeth

Flooding issues in Morpeth are being looked at by the Environment Agency and Northumbrian Water as a way to finally solve the problems that have been plaguing residents for the last few years.

Flooding on Bennetts Walk usually happens at times of heavy rainfall. After a feasibility study into the flooding was conducted, it was found that the waste water drain is simply not big enough to cope with the excess water. Northumbrian Water are now looking at whether a combined sewer overflow would stop the problem happening.

Further flooding issues in Goosehill and Middle Green are also being looked at by the Highways Agency, who is looking to see if improvements can be made.

A spokeswoman for Northumbrian Water stated:

“Obviously we appreciate that the people of Morpeth have suffered extreme flooding.

“The issues are very complex and the council, Environment Agency and Northumbrian Water are working together.

“Northumbrian Water has identified that the sewerage network in the Bennetts Walk area needs to be upgraded and we are currently carrying out investigations to identify the most suitable solution. We will keep residents informed of the progress.”

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