How to Fight the Hidden Costs of Drainage Problems

You might not realise you have a problem with your drains until the problem has got so serious that it’s going to take a lot of time, resources and money to put right.

Drainage problems can be a hidden cost, partly because the problems can build up beneath ground, and partly because these problems are often cumulative.
A drain survey can help identify drainage problems early; and it can provide an accurate means of drainage detection to provide an effective diagnosis to allow to work to commence as soon as possible.

What’s Going on Underground?

There are various things that can go wrong with a property’s drains. Some will be down to damage, some deterioration over time. There may also be historic issues with the drainage network if building work, extensions or renovations have disturbed it.

Collapsed or broken drains may not be immediately obvious, but a drain leaking into the ground can lead to building subsidence, as the water gradually erodes the ground around foundations.

Tree roots can cause drain damage, as they are drawn towards the moisture coming off the drain. Eventually the roots can penetrate the drain, or cause movement that causes it to misalign.

Unfortunately, drains can also attract rodents, and lead to infestation in a property.
Misuse of drains by putting the wrong things down them leads to blockages, sometimes over a prolonged period of time. Fat and grease build-up in drains is a common cause of blocked drains.

Exposing Drainage Problems

There is a way to see inside drains, and this is by sending a CCTV camera down into them. CCTV drain surveys make the detection and diagnosis of drainage problems that much more straightforward.

The camera picks up faults in the system as well as helping us to put together an accurate, up to date picture of the drainage network. We can supplement this process with sonar drain tracing and dye testing, which means we avoid having to undertake costly excavations just to locate problem areas.
Think of a drain survey as an investment in your drains and, ultimately, your property. And it can save you money: by spotting problems earlier on, which otherwise might be more disruptive; and by making the whole process of remedial work faster, more efficient and less disruptive. These efficiency savings we can pass on to you, the customer.

If you only suspect you have a drainage issue, don’t delay. Contact Drainage Consultants to arrange your drain survey.