Fat clog causes stream pollution in Midhurst

After pollution in a stream in Midhurst, Southern Water has repeated its statement to customers to not pour fats into their drainage systems.

Due to a built up of fatty deposits, a sewer became blocked causing raw sewage to escape through a manhole cover and find its way into a nearby stream in Midhurst.

The Environment Agency was informed of the incident by Southern Water.
Paul Kent the Wastewater Strategy Manager stated:

“Cooking fat tipped down the sink can spell disaster for our sewers. Over time, it builds up and solidifies, blocking the entire pipe. This can cause flooding as sewage is forced to escape through manholes and into streets and rivers or, even worse, into homes.

“Our message is that simple measures can slim down your chance of fat, oil and grease blocking sewers, and we can avoid the kind of pollution we saw in Midhurst yesterday.”

To stop fats entering the drainage system, residents can wait for any liquid fat to cool and solidify and then dispose of it in the general rubbish. Some local councils also have a waste fat recycling scheme available at their local recycling centre where residents can dispose of collected fats.

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