Fat busting bacteria used to take on sewer fat problem in Bridlington

Water company Yorkshire Water have taken the unusual step to deploy fat-busting bugs in the sewers of Bridlington to remove blockages from the system.

This treatment process is completely environmentally-friendly and involves trillions of the bacteria being mixed with non-chlorinated water before being allowed to feed on the grease, oils and fat in the sewer.

Well-known problem areas at Lancaster Road and South Marine Drive were the location for this innovative solution.

These blockages are caused by the fat reaching the sewer from private drains, normally through the kitchen sink as well as from appliances like the dishwasher. The flow capacity of pipes is severely reduced by this practice and often results in home flooding and pollution of the environment.

Pollution manager at the water company, Patrick Killgallon, said:

“Having your home filled with waste from your toilet is a very unpleasant experience which no one should ever have to suffer, which is why we work hard to encourage people to think twice before they pour left over fat down the plug hole or flush the odd make-up wipe down the toilet.

“This said, we’ve already carried out almost 700 jobs to remove blockages in our Hull sewers so far this year, which shows the sheer scale of the issue we all face.”

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