What are the Eyes and Brain of a Drainage Investigation?

What will give you peace of mind about your drains? A faulty drain if untreated is trouble waiting to happen. In the home or workplace, blocked drains are smelly, and a health hazard.
They can cause prolonged disruption if they are not fixed, and if you’re an employer, you might find that you cannot have your staff working in an area with a blocked drain if the risk is severe enough.

Poking about with wire will not resolve the issue. The answer is to get the professionals in to have a good look around, and the best way of doing this is with a CCTV drain survey.

The Eyes and Brain
A CCTV drain survey involves us sending a camera into the drainage network to record the condition inside it. The camera becomes our eyes, allowing us access into parts of the system we would otherwise not be able to see.
At the same time, the camera footage is relayed back to our portable computer where we can record it, while assessing what’s down there as we see it.
This comprehensive analysis of your drainage network gives us the information we need to compile a full report and come up with a recommended course of action.
Along with blockages and drain deterioration and damage, the CCTV drain survey will be able to spot if you have rats in your drains. Drains are the most common means of rodent access to a property, so this can be an essential piece of information.

What Happens Next?
The CCTV drain survey is a vital stage in the process of detecting, diagnosing and then fixing drains.
The data from the survey gives us the level of information for a comprehensive drainage report. This includes items such as: where drainage runs are; what the internal conditions of the pipework is like; the size of the pipework and what it is made of; any defects in the pipework, and any hidden connections.
This essential information will help us create a schematic plan, and give an accurate quote for the work involved in repairing the drain.
A drain survey is an efficient, economic means of detecting drainage issues, and preparing for remedial drainage work.

Don’t put off fixing your drains. Contact Drainage Consultants to get a CCTV drain survey.