Environment Agency allocates cash to flood scheme in Todmorden

The Environment Agency has announced it is to provide a further £4.6million towards Todmorden’s flood defences.

This is all part of a scheme worth £32million in total that will offer protection to 658 properties at risk of flooding from Walsden Water.

To prevent it from overflowing, a wall spanning 500 metres is already being put in place by Rochdale Road.

These funds have been allocated for the 2012/13 financial year to provide better protection for homes and businesses in the Yorkshire area.

According to sources at the EA and Defra, £2.6million is to go towards schemes managed by local authorities, with £600,000 devoted to projects overseen by the Internal Drainage Boards within the region.

Despite this good news for those living in the region, regional flood and coastal risk manager Phil Younge has warned that people will still need to be ready for any adverse weather.

He explained:

“Whilst continued investment is crucial, flooding cannot always be prevented so communities must also take responsibility for being prepared – for example by signing up to the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service.”

The Environment Agency has targeted better protection for 145,000 nationwide by the year 2015 and is on track to exceed this at the present time.

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