Ensure your home does not end up causing a drainage problem

There are many things which can contribute to the flooding of drains and environmental pollution, but some of these can be avoided if people just took a little time to consider drainage around their home.

It is easy to assume that all river pollution happens due to local industries depositing waste materials rather than the plumbing in our properties. However, it is a real situation that wastewater from household appliances, toilets, sinks and baths can cause health hazards to local wildlife instead of ending up in the sewage treatment works as it should do.

The devices and appliances you have fitted in your home should be connected in the right way and you also need to make sure that disposable products are not discarded through the drainage system either.

Wastewater passes through a complex network of sewers and drains, but any blockages encountered along the way to the treatment works can cause many problems for water companies and drainage contractors alike who have to remove blockages from the pipes every day.

Some drainage maintenance works are a necessity, but over two thirds of the blockages found in sewers are found to have been caused by people putting items down the drains that really need to be bagged and binned instead.

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