Dŵr Cymru fined for sewage leak into lake

Dŵr Cymru, the Welsh water company, has just admitted responsibility for allowing raw sewage to enter a lake in Gwynedd.

The firm received a six month conditional discharge from magistrates in Caernarfon after sewage was found in Llyn Padarn Lake in Llanberis. It was also fined £3,800 costs for the spill which happen in April this year.

The Environment Agency brought the case against the water firm and said that the incident was disappointing. The impact to the lake it seems was at a minimum as there were no reports of any wildlife deaths and the general public were advised not to use the lake after the spill happened.

The north Wales area manager for the Environment Agency, David Edwell, stated:

“It’s disappointing that this happened, and in such an environmentally sensitive area and one that relies on the recreational use of the lake.”

However, Dŵr Cymru’s response has been positive, he said he has been:

“…encouraged that since this incident the company’s attitude towards its environmental obligations in the area has been positive,

“Prevention is better than cure, and we will be working closely with the company to try and prevent incidents of this type recurring,”

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