Drainage works underway around Bournemouth Airport

It has been reported that the three-week drainage maintenance project on Parley Lane in Bournemouth, Dorset has now begun to address the recent issues with flooding.

Dorset County Council are overseeing the work by Dorset Highways which will see the removal of the current surface water drainage system which has often caused unsafe conditions for drivers in the area.

The road in question is an unlit, national speed limit road near to Bournemouth International Airport, with the flood water disrupting traffic on a number of occasions.

Engineers from the council investigated the site and found that a replacement drain is required.

Borough councillor Margaret Phipps said:

“All of the parish council has been informed about the work.

“In their email, county said it may cause minor delays but we will have to see.

“Possibly when it starts we may hear some comments but I do not know.

“There are problems with that part of the road and it does get rather waterlogged at times.

“When the traffic lights were being installed near Bournemouth Airport traffic flowed very well so I don’t anticipate any major issues.”

Temporary traffic signals are in place during peak times along the 400-metre section of the road where the work is being carried out.

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