Drainage issues lead to resurfacing work delays in Fife

Fife Council has revealed that drainage problems were to blame for the delay of the planned road closure on City Road in St Andrews recently.

Resurfacing works were expected to begin on the road last week, but due to these unexpected circumstances this had to be put on hold until the drainage situation was sorted out.

It was originally planned to go ahead on 12 February and last until the following weekend, but it had to be postponed until the drainage maintenance had been carried out on the road. Once this was rectified the planned roundabout resurfacing project could finally go ahead.

When it comes to drainage in circumstances like this one, it is always wise to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible, so it is safe for motorists to use the road again. Any works in the pipeline can then resume once the drainage system has been inspected and it is deemed that flooding is not likely to be an issue.

Whether it is road drainage or a residential pipework situation, it is highly recommended you get the specialists in, leaving this essential work to an experienced drainage contractor.

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