Drainage companies aided by new technology

Quite a lot has changed in the way that a drainage contractor would approach a situation. This is mainly down to the fact that they can call on trenchless technology which means that a road does not always have to be dug up in order for new pipes to be laid.

An assessment of the area will determine what method is required but the latest drainage equipment and processes mean that the job is so much more efficient these days.

CCTV surveys are used by the professionals to access a particular drainage system. Instead of physically having to check the pipes to see what the cause of the blockage actually is, they can now carry out this technique which utilises a camera to see what is going on in the pipe.

By making good use of such things as CCTV surveys, a drainage engineer can analyse the blockage and suggest an appropriate course of action, all of which will be detailed in the report produced for the client.

Due to these advancements in technology, it makes the nature of the job so much more cost effective for the customer, while the drainage contractor can carry out their work in a much more efficient manner.

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