Drain Tracing: How Sonar Helps Us Diagnose Drainage Problems

Sometimes it’s not just about unblocking a drain; it’s to do with us finding out exactly what is wrong, and building up a comprehensive, accurate picture of a drain network. This requires us using modern, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and methods, and one such method is sonar drain tracing.

The Power of Sonar

With active sonar, there is a sound transmitter and a receiver. The ping it creates is a pulse which then listens for echoes. These echoes measure the distance to an object. In drain tracing, these electrical pulses help us identify the features in drain networks

Sonar drain tracing has two main functions: gathering information and diagnosing drainage problems.

We can get a clear idea of the details of a drain network and these details are essential in building up a comprehensive picture of what drains are like, including any issues or problems, such as blocked or collapsed drains.

Pre-planning and Problem-solving

When it comes to construction work and building projects, drain tracing is a valuable part of pre-planning, particularly if work involves building over existing utilities.

Many of the UK’s drains date back to the Victorian era, and consequently the available data on them is out of date. Coupled with this is the sheer age of many of the drains, making them susceptible to damage and deterioration over time.

Building work becomes costly if it slips behind schedule, and this is more likely to happen if unforeseen obstacles and difficulties crop up.

Drain tracing helps ensure that the unexpected isn’t a big factor, ensuring that a proper picture of the existing drainage system is available.

Collapsed drains can happen because of tree roots growing into the drain network, or from ground movement. This damage can lie unseen and not be immediately detectable from how utilities are performing – it may be the result of gradual changes rather than a specific incident.

If not attended to, a collapsed drain can lead to serious, long-term building damage, undermining foundations and causing subsistence.

Sonar drain tracing will help identify collapsed drains, for us to then prevent this kind of long term damage occurring, or for an identified problem to turn into something more serious.

For sound planning, and detailed diagnosis, choose drain tracing, and choose Drainage Consultants.

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