Drain tips for parents as Mums Know Best

Water companies are usually quite vocal when it comes to letting their customers know about the best ways to look after the drains servicing their homes. However, United Utilities is particularly active in the North West area and has a number of ongoing campaigns that highlight the problem of blocked drainage and how this can be avoided.

One of these campaigns is on their website and is aimed at parents. The Mums Know Best page is packed full of useful information to help mums and dads save time as well as money on maintaining their drains.

United Utilities is keen to point out that many bathroom products contain advice which is misleading to consumers. Research they conducted last year showed that everyday items like make-up wipes, cotton wool and baby wipes are being disposed of in a way that is contributing to problems for many households.

As these hygiene products are being disposed of down the toilet, this is adding to drainage issues such as clogged pipes as well as leading to the sewerage system being unable to cope. In some cases wastewater has overflowed into homes and gardens as well as flooding roads and entering rivers too.

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