Drain study to be backed by Yorkshire Water

According to recent reports the water company is set to put money towards an investigation of the sewerage and drainage systems in Goole, a town that was victim to flash flooding during the summer of 2010.

The study is to cost Yorkshire Water £275,000 to complete as it is all part of pump improvements recommended by a report published by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

It was estimated that over 64mm in rainfall came down in within an hour resulting in widespread flooding of residential properties back in August of last year.

The water company admitted responsibility for the failed pumping station and so the study will form part of an assessment as to the suitability of the current drain systems in the town, with all pumps in the vicinity to be tested. Additional construction work on surface water sewers is being looked at too as they work together with the council.

Flood strategy manager at Yorkshire Water, Wendy Kimpton, said:

“No drainage system could realistically have been expected to cope with the sheer volume of rain which fell over a very short period on 3 August 2011.

“The subsequent flooding had a traumatic impact on many people in the town and it’s incumbent on all the agencies involved to continue to work together to minimise the risk of flooding in the future.”

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