Drain replacement and when it is necessary

The latest trenchless technology techniques, such as impact moling, have really changed the way in which drainage contractors operate, as the need for excavating a road or public highway every time maintenance needs to be carried out has now been eliminated. However, there are still occasions on which traditional trench excavation work is the only way around a problem.

When pipes can be repaired or installed without having to disrupt the flow of traffic on a road is always the aim for any drainage contractor, but each situation has to be looked at in terms of what is the most effective for this set of circumstances.

So when pipes are beyond repair, the specialist engineering teams may be left with no choice but to recommend that new water supply pipes, land drains or pumped drainage lines be installed through excavation. A risk assessment will assist in the drain replacement planning process.

Any inconvenience will always be kept to a minimum while this work is being undertaken and you can also be assured that current health and safety regulations are being adhered to. These specialists are trained for working in confined spaces and are used to public highway maintenance works for the public sector.

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