Drain problems in Wigginton, Yorkshire

The small town of Wigginton in Yorkshire has finally seen an end to the flooding which has caused raw sewage to be strewn over its main street on numerous occasions over the last few months.

After residents complained that dirty water was seeping into their gardens and raw sewage was found floating on the main street, Yorkshire Water began an investigation into the cause of the problem.

After conducting several sessions of drain jetting and a CCTV survey of the drains, drain inspection engineers from Yorkshire Water found that the problem was caused by the drains being blocked by people unfortunately putting inappropriate materials into the drainage system.

A local resident praised Yorkshire Waters attempts to rectify the issue, Paul Watkinson, who is the landlord in the Black Horse pub stated in The Press:

“We are on slightly higher ground than some of our neighbours so we haven’t been as badly affected, but some of them have had it coming into their gardens and it just shouldn’t happen.

“Credit to Yorkshire Water. They have made every effort to sort it out. They’ve had cameras down the drains to see what the problem is and tried to unblock them, but it still keeps happening.”

Yorkshire Water has done their upmost to remove the blockages from the drain, a spokesperson for the company stated:

“It’s sad to say, but these blockages have been caused by building materials which have been knowingly discarded into the local sewer network.

“On each occasion this has been brought to our attention, our technicians have been out to inspect the network and remove any items causing partial blockages, including pieces of plaster, timber and concrete.
“We are currently investigating to try and determine the source of these materials with a view to taking appropriate action to put a stop to such irresponsible and potentially damaging and costly behaviour.

“In instances like this we would always encourage people to think before they put things down their drains, toilets and sinks as the consequences of these actions, and the potential suffering they can cause is clear for all to see.”

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