Why is Drain Mapping Essential to Building Work?

Construction is a vital sector in our economy, and with building costs high and the recovery going fairly slow, builders need to minimise disruption to their work as much as possible when starting a new project. Location is key, and, crucially, an understanding of what builders will be building on or over.

This is where drain mapping and drain tracing become essential to building projects. Building over agreements are usually part of the approvals process when it comes to sewers so it’s important that contractors are aware of all the consequences when thinking ahead.

Often a firm is required to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire before it can become an approved contractor, particularly with regard to work being commissioned by local councils, and an accurate drainage report will need to be included. Time is also a crucial factor here: a huge amount of effort goes into planning building work, and a contractor’s ability to meet required milestones is essential, so any drainage investigation and consequent report needs to be turned around quickly and professionally.

Builders require precise integral reports and schematic plans of drainage systems and pipework. Effective drain mapping needs to include the location of drainage runs, details of pipework materials and any defects discovered, the size of pipework and any hidden connections.

Drainage Consultants Ltd has a huge amount of professional experience mapping and tracing drains, producing schematic plans to order along with survey sheets and a DVD of CCTV drain survey footage. We also include manhole survey sheets, giving details of all connection points and pipe diameters entering or leaving the manhole.

We understand how important it is to get these details right and to provide the kind of absolutely assured drainage information that builders can rely on and trust. Supply us with your site plans and we can quote quickly for any work that you require.

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