Drain lining and excavation

If you have a blocked drain, drain inspection works will need to be undertaken to find the cause of the blockage. Drains can be blocked by a number of different things, from incorrect items being put into the drainage system, to roots which find their way into the drain and cause a blockage.

During a drain inspection, drainage contractors will usually perform a CCTV survey of the drain so they can visually inspect the problem. A camera is inserted into the drain and then pushed into the drain section by section, relaying real-time information back to a computer screen. The data is recorded and collated and the images can be played back a number of times to inspect the integrity of the pipe. The blockage may be easy to spot and hence can be dealt with easily using drain jetting, however, if there is damage along the length of the pipe, the problem may need to be assessed further to see what necessary course of action should be taken.

In some cases when there is damage along the section of the drainage pipe, the pipe can be fitted with a liner. The liner will allow solid and fluid matter to flow freely again and hence restore the integrity of the pipe. The best thing about a liner repair, is complete excavation of the pipe is usually not required. In some instances, when a liner is not suitable, the pipe will need to excavated and a new section fitted.

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