Drain jetting can be used to remove leaf blockages

Now that spring is here and the cold weather is starting to make way for a bit more sun, people are starting to head back into their gardens again.

Due to this prolonged period of absence from the garden, it is understandable that there will be plenty of things to do in order to get the place into a fit state once again. As you carry out this maintenance work, you may notice that there are plenty of fallen leaves which are clogging your drains.

If you want to avoid any expensive repair costs due to flooding later in the year it is advisable to ensure this leaf debris is removed from your gutters around your property. They also accumulate in the waste water gullies too.

This is when it is necessary to call in a drainage contractor to take a look at the situation and check that the drains are not blocked by leaves and other vegetation.

Drain jetting is just one of the techniques they can employ to clear the drains and see to it that everything is working as it should. While it may not seem like an immediate problem you wish to address, you’ll certainly be glad you did when you are told it could have lead to the flooding of your garden.

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