Drain jetting and liner repair

Blocked drains need prompt attention to stop the problem worsening. A blocked drain can stop the waste water from your home reaching the public sewer, meaning that the waste may flood into your garden or in the worst cases, into your home.

A professional drain cleaning engineer can assess your drain blockage and offer a suitable solution to the problem. They will likely first suggest drain jetting, which uses a high power jet of water down the drain to disperse the clog. When the blockage is removed, the drain engineer will need to find the cause of the blockage and suggest a suitable remedy.

Most drain blockages are caused by putting non-biodegradable products into the drainage system such as nappies, sanitary wear, contraceptives, oils and fats and garden debris. If your blockage was caused by one of these items, it is likely no further action will be needed. However, if the problem was caused by a collapsed drain or a crack in the pipe where waste can collect, further work may be needed.

It’s not always the case that the drainage company will have to dig an area to replace the drainage pipe. In some cases, the drain can be lined using a drain liner, which is inserted into the damaged section of pipe and so making the repair.

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