Drain blockages and drain inspection

Many homeowners don’t think to check their drainage systems until things start to go wrong, an oversight that could cost them a lot of money and trouble if their drains overflow.

Drainage systems can only work to their fullest potential if they are properly maintained. The build up of waste products can cause the diameter of the drainage pipe to reduce which over time can lead to a drain blockage.

Other things that can lead to blocked drains include:

  • The irresponsible disposal of ‘non-flushable’ items into the waste system
  • The disposal of liquid fats and grease into the drain
  • The build up of garden debris
  • Collapsed sewer pipes, due to age or damage
  • The build up of pipe scale

If a homeowner suspects that they have a blocked drain, it is always better to give a drain inspection company a call instead of waiting for the problem to worsen. They have all the necessary equipment at their disposal which they can use to deal with the blockage.

One of the most effective methods you can use to get rid of a drain blockage is high pressure water jetting. In this process the drain engineer directs a jet of high pressure water into the drainage system, which is usually enough to break down any clog that may be causing the problem.

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