Consider drainage issues this winter

With winter now well and truly upon us it is important not to neglect important areas of our homes and workplaces when the freezing conditions start to set in.

Drainage is one of those things that can cause many problems at this time of year due to the weather and so it is necessary to plan ahead.

In addition to freezing water supply pipes, this can cause other issues such as once the snow and ice starts to melt. The drains that service our properties may not be able to cope with this excessive amount of water and this puts pressure on the entire drainage system.

Therefore, as with the maintenance engineers who service the main system, you need to be aware of this issue so it does not affect your home and lead to burst drainage pipes or flooding.

You also need to check the drainage pipes outside your property to see that they are not blocked by leaves. This can further exasperate the problem as the water has nowhere to go and certainly can’t drain away as it usually would.

If you do experience any of these problems, get in touch with your local drainage maintenancecontractor as they will be able to get everything going again.

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