Concerns raised over speeding drivers during roadworks

A resident of Bo’ness, in the Central Lowlands of Scotland, has voiced her anxiety regarding the speeds at which drivers are travelling, as they pass by drainage maintenance works.

The safety of pedestrians is at the forefront of people’s minds around Cadzow Road where the roadworks are taking place.

Falkirk Council, who had brought project contractors in to install the new drainage system, was not aware of any traffic management issues, according to a spokesman.

A Central Scotland Police spokeswoman, speaking to local news publications, also admitted that the force had not known of any issues, although the situation will be monitored.

A mother had raised the question of excessive speed in the area, which includes Birkhill Crescent and Muirepark Court, due to concerns about the safety of her children, as well as others who play on the street.

The council had already reported a delay in the drainage works due to the adverse weather conditions at the beginning of the year. It is now expected that the roadworks will continue to the end of next month at the earliest.

The scheduled work is being carried out to fit new drainage in the residential area to prevent problems such as blockages and flooding.

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