Clearing a simple blockage under the kitchen sink

Some blockages found within drainage pipes should be left to the specialists to clear, but there are many uncomplicated problems around the home which could be sorted quite easily. One of these is when you find that the trap below the kitchen sink has become blocked due to the build-up of fats and food deposits.

A homeowner can clear the blockage by simply following the instructions below.

If the waste trap under the sink has been blocked in the u-bend then you need to get a bucket with which to empty the wastewater into. Once you have done this then fill up a kettle with warm water and then pour it into the plug hole in the sink, being sure to be careful when handling hot water.

Most blockages will be broken down by the warm water action and the food waste will clear. In cases where the trap is still not allowing water to freely pass through it, then the plug hole may need to be gently plunged using a plunger.

Should you need any more help, you can always choose to contact a drainage contractor. An engineer will be able to inspect the issue and advise on what needs to be done. A fat trap is always recommended so that these kinds of blockages do not happen again in the future.

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