Clearing a blocked toilet in your bathroom

There are many instances where a toilet can become blocked and if not addressed, the issue can escalate and even cause the flooding of the home. We do not need to remind you of the health risks and unpleasantness caused by wastewater flowing back up the pipes and into the bathroom. This can make the area unusable until the situation is cleared by professionals.

In order to prevent this from happening it is necessary to perform maintenance on the toilet from time to time. To do this, all you need is a large rubber plunger which is quite easy to get hold of and can be bought from any DIY shop.

So when too much paper has been used in the toilet, you can tell it is becoming blocked as flushing it does not do anything to remove it. This is where the plunger comes in as this implement can usually clear most common paper blockages.

You can achieve this by fitting the plunger around the outlet at the lower point of the toilet pan before thrusting it in a downwards motion. Hopefully this should work to clear it and then you can flush water through the soil pipe to make sure.

If you have any further problems, then it may be wise to consult the professionals.

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