Clean and survey on industrial site in Dukinfield

The Drainage Consultants were recently hired to carry out a clean and survey of drains on an industrial site in Dukinfield. The job involved cleaning the system with high pressure water jets before examining the pipework via CCTV.

This is a fairly typical way of starting a job, the aim of which is to maintain the pipework and identify any flaws in it as well as any potential issues that may ensue. During the course of the work, a problem was identified with a culvert watercourse running underneath the units. The culvert was eight metres deep and was beginning to collapse. To deal with the problem, the culvert’s location under the units was traced and an excavation carried out around where it was collapsing. The excavation was over a 12m by 8m area, after which repairs could be made.

Having carried out the repair work, a 70m liner was then inserted. This might have been the point where many drainage companies would have left the job, but the Drainage Consultants cured the full length of the 70m liner with UV light as well. The liner is impregnated with a UV-reactive polyester resin which provides superior performance.

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