Choosing the Right Drain Repair Company

Too often it’s a bit of a minefield trying to find reliable tradespeople and this is perhaps even more so for drainage repairs - these are potentially big jobs and you can’t even see the problem. When you’re looking at finding someone reliable for commercial drain repairs, the problem only gets larger, as you need someone to come out quickly, and fix any issues before you start to lose business.

You also need someone who will do an excellent job, who you can trust in and around your commercial premises, and someone who won’t overcharge so, where to start? Here are a few things to consider…

Personal Recommendations
A recommendation is a valuable tool in choosing a drain repair company. If previous businesses been happy with the job done, then you’re at least halfway there – even more so if recommended by two to three other companies. That way you know it’s not a fluke or a coincidence.

A really good company will also be happy to show you references and testimonials and will probably have a page on their website dedicated to just that here at Drainage Consultants Ltd will cover all these reassurances.

Also useful are ‘recommended tradespeople’ websites. These CAN be helpful BUT beware - companies usually have to pay for the privilege of being recommended, either to join the site in the first place or by bidding for the jobs that are posted, so many companies simply decide against getting involved.

Local Reputation
A company based in your local area, established for many years and with a good local reputation is DEFINITELY doing something right. If that company also offers nationwide coverage you know they have an excellent reputation. What this also means for you is that they will not compromise that hard-earned reputation by doing a shoddy job.

Superb Customer Service and quick response
Allied to recommendations and reputation, and easy to check from your initial enquiry – do they get back to you quickly? Politely? When can they come to survey and quote? Do they have a call out service? Do they know how important quick response is when it comes to commercial premises? Are they discreet? And do they have a policy for complaints and problems? After all, customer service is as much about how they react if things go wrong as getting it right in the first place…

Experienced Staff and Professional Accreditations
Speaks for itself. The businesses website and/or company literature should show this very clearly – after all, they’ll be proud to display it. If there’s no mention of qualified and/or experienced staff, or accreditation, be wary and dig deeper. Also ensure you check whether they’ve done commercial work before. Your handy drainage guy that did your best friend’s home is not necessarily the person you’d hire to perform complicated drain repairs to commercial premises.

Price is NOT the be-all-and-end-all. Expertise and experience do cost – why would they not? However, you don’t want to pay over the odds – you have your company budget to think of too, so what you need is competitive and reasonable pricing for a job done well, and quickly too, to save you losing business down to drainage problems.

Remembering all of the factors above when choosing drainage repair companies for your commercial premises will ensure you get the right people for the job at hand, giving you peace of mind that there’s someone to call if things go wrong.

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