FAQ: CCTV surveys and liner repair

How does a CCTV Drain Survey Help?

Many people don’t realise that they have a drainage issue until they have a flood or until they notice a strange smell. Fortunately, both these things can be looked at by drainage experts who will be able to diagnose the problem and offer a suitable solution.

Because the drains leading away from the home are underground, many people disregard them until they have a problem. This means that the consequences of a drain blockage can be severe. Unbeknown to the homeowner, if their drains were checked on a regular basis, most of the problems that cause drain blockages could be solved easily and quickly.

Drainage engineers can easily diagnose potential drainage problems by conducting a CCTV survey. As part of the survey, the drainage professional will insert a CCTV camera into the drain so real time images of the drain can be viewed on a computer screen. The drainage professional will then analyse the images, looking for causes of potential blockages and looking for damage to sections of the drainage pipe.

If a problem is found, in most cases a repair can be undertaken that does not need excavation, as the drainage company will use a drain liner, which can be inserted into the drainage pipe to repair the damage.

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