CCTV drainage investigation on road in York

A road in the centre of York was closed for a day last week when the road partially collapsed. A burst water pipe was deemed to be the cause of the problem which closed Goodramgate between College Street and St Maurice’s Road. Workers managed to repair the water pipe, but a void was still left in the road.

Yorkshire Water will now have to examine the void using specialist CCTV survey equipment to see if the void has been caused by the damaged water main or a partially collapsed sewer.

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson stated:

“Now the pipe has been repaired we have moved on to fixing the road, but we have noticed a void on the road which may be caused by water or could be a collapsed sewer.”

Drain inspection

Drain inspection engineers have all the latest technology at their disposal to diagnose and repair drainage systems. Using CCTV survey equipment, they can look inside the drain to find out the cause of the blockage or collapse. They can then jet the drain if a blockage is found or insert a liner into the drain to repair a crack or a partial collapse. If the drain is fully collapsed, the drain may have to be excavated to instigate a repair.

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