CCTV Drain Surveys: Wouldn’t You Like to Know What’s Going On?

We all want peace of mind and drains are not where we want our surprises to come from. Knowledge is power, so the old quote goes, and it’s particularly true when it comes to drains and CCTV drain surveys.

Most likely you have a business plan, you have milestones and goals, projected turnover and profits to consider. Drains probably don’t normally figure in all of this.

But what if your drains aren’t working quite as they should? What sort of cost might this be to you if they end up in a bad state? What will the effects be on your staff and customers? In short, what could faulty drains end up costing you in business terms?

There’s nothing wrong with giving your drains a health check, and if you’ve already got your suspicions, then why take the risk? You might also consider that CCTV drain surveys are often a requirement from banks and mortgage companies for property purchases, so it’s not just us, it really is sound advice and good practice to get your drains looked at properly.

CCTV drain surveys are quick and efficient, and quite possibly a money, and business, saver. We go in with precision sonar drain tracing, we provide you with a full report and accompanying DVD of the footage, and we devise a personalised action plan for you, depending on what the report’s findings are.

The CCTV drain survey will give you a full drain mapping result and diagnosis, clearly showing where there is any deterioration, or weaknesses and faults within your drainage system. If you think you need one, are you willing to take the chance of not having one?

Remember, it’s better to know so you can take action sooner and save yourself a lot more trouble later.

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