Is a CCTV Drain Survey the Solution to Repeat Blockages?

It may feel unfortunate to suffer a blocked drain once, but if this keeps happening, then it probably indicates a more serious drainage problem. Clearly, if you first experience a blocked drain, it’s important to get it fixed, and we can accomplish this swiftly and efficiently. But if you suffer repeat blockages, then the best thing for us to do is to thoroughly investigate your drains, and we can do this with a CCTV drain survey.

What are the Signs and Symptoms?   

One of the worse things to happen is an overflowing toilet – and obviously when this occurs you know something has gone badly wrong with your drains. However, there are other signs that your drains are not up to scratch which may, thankfully, be less dramatic.

These include a lingering bad smell of sulphur, which would mean you have trapped, rotting items in your drains. You might also have slow draining sinks, baths or showers; or gurgling noises coming from them.

What are you putting down your drains? It may seem convenient, but simply dumping anything down there is more than likely going to lead to problems later on. Don’t put things like cotton wool buds down the drain; and while many wipes are now supposedly flushable, it’s better to be careful and dispose of them in the bin.

Similarly, food waste and cooking grease and fat are all best disposed of in the bin rather than down the sinkhole, because over time they can build up in your drains and cause blockages.

How Do We Find Out What’s Wrong?

It’s important to know what’s going on that’s normally hidden from view. Persistent drainage problems aren’t going to be solved by simply repeatedly unblocking the drains. And if you have a collapsed drain, then the long-term effects can be serious, causing damage to your property.

Fortunately, we have modern technology at our disposal, which makes drain detection work easier, and more detailed. A CCTV drain survey involves us sending a camera down your drainage network to record exactly what is going on.

This is an efficient, cost-effective means of diagnosing drainage problems, and ensuring that we find the right solution for your drains, giving you peace of mind for the future.

If you’ve got any doubts about your drains, whether the symptoms seem serious, or persistent, then contact Drainage Consultants today.

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