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How a drainage contractor may approach drain cleaning

April 19, 2012

If you ever require the services of a drainage contractor to maintain the drains connecting your home or work premises with the sewerage network this may be a routine job or to fix a stubborn blockage in the pipes. Depending on the nature of the callout the engineers may decide to carry out a drain inspection first. This usually […]

Drain jetting can be used to remove leaf blockages

March 30, 2012

Now that spring is here and the cold weather is starting to make way for a bit more sun, people are starting to head back into their gardens again. Due to this prolonged period of absence from the garden, it is understandable that there will be plenty of things to do in order to get […]

Root removal from a drainage system

June 17, 2011

It is not just damaged pipes and drainage systems that require specialists to tackle the problem. Root removal is another service offered by the drainage professionals which is needed when the pipe system becomes blocked or its structure damaged by roots from shrubs, hedges and trees. Roots just seem to always find their way into […]

Simple drain clearing steps

October 26, 2010

Drainage issues are normally simple to solve if you have the right equipment and the knowhow. However, if you have noticed that your sink is draining slower than usual or the water in your toilet takes longer to be taken away when you flush, it could be indicative of a problem worsening and prompt action […]

Drain jetting and liner repair

August 21, 2010

Blocked drains need prompt attention to stop the problem worsening. A blocked drain can stop the waste water from your home reaching the public sewer, meaning that the waste may flood into your garden or in the worst cases, into your home. A professional drain cleaning engineer can assess your drain blockage and offer a […]