Carrying out drain lining without the need for excavation

In the not too distant past, should a drainage pipe be damaged and in need of repair, excavation was the general method used by engineers for replacement works to go ahead. This was not only time consuming, it would also lead to quite a bit of disruption in the vicinity of the pipework.

Thankfully, there is now another, more effective, solution within the drainage contractor’s arsenal. Trenchless technology can be used to get to the heart of the matter without having to dig up the area around the pipes.

Drain lining work can be done within a much shorter time frame, and without all the turmoil usually experienced when using the previous ways of working.

The modern liner repair service is just as sturdy and reliable a technique of repairing the pipe than the old method was. In fact, it can really save money for the organisation having to pay for the work to be carried out.

Whatever has caused the pipe to be damaged in the first place, be it subsidence, pressure or root infiltration, trenchless technology can be utilised to provide an efficient form of drain repair.

Speak to your local drainage contractor about the various services they can offer when it comes to drain lining and repairs.

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