What Can You Expect From a Drainage Investigation?

The first question is why have a drainage investigation? There could be a number of reasons: you might have found there to be something wrong with your drains, from them not working as you’d expect them to or smelling strongly; or you could be planning building work where you need to know the condition and location of pipework and sewers beforehand; or you may need a drainage investigation prior to getting mortgage approval.

Inspecting your drains can involve a number of different processes, each designed to shed particular light on the drainage network. These various methods complement one another and, depending on the location, each may be required in order to get a full picture of what is actually going on underground.

 A CCTV drain survey can reveal problem areas or weaknesses while minimising disruption to your property. This gives us the material for a thorough report and provides a health-check and diagnosis for your drains.

Sonar drain tracing uses specialist equipment to ‘read’ your drainage network using electrical pulses. This can uncover any tricky spots or weaknesses, allowing us to work out what action to take and how to take it.

Dye testing involves us releasing a colour dye into your drainpipe. This will highlight any potential drainage issues. It’s a swift and straightforward way of detecting or confirming problems such as leaking pipes. It’s also handy in situations where drainage networks are particularly complicated, or if existing plans of the system are old and out of date.

Drain mapping is essential for anyone planning building or refurbishment work in close proximity to, or over, existing drainage and sewer systems. We produce extensive, schematic plans from our CCTV survey data. We also include manhole survey sheets and a DVD of the CCTV drain survey footage.

Our professional drainage inspection can involve any or all of these aspects, depending on the size of the job or the nature of the problem. But we’re confident that in applying these investigative methods we can come up with the best, most cost effective solution to meet our customers’ requirements. We want you to feel confident in our ability to solve your problems.

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