How Can Drain Tracing Help Us to Help You?

Drain tracing is a diagnostic tool for investigating the nature of drainage problems, particularly where there are issues around access. It’s an essential technique for information-gathering when the situation calls for prior knowledge of a drainage system before any remedial work can take place. Not all drain blockages are simple to detect, and in situations where extensive drainage repairs might disrupt other utilities or pipework, sonar drain tracing becomes a key component in our work.

Drain tracing involves us transmitting electrical pulses through the drainage network using specialist equipment. Our team above-ground then follows these transmissions with a receiver, enabling us to pick up on issues such as damaged drains or blockages, or expose specific features like concealed manholes.

Once we’ve completed the drain tracing, the data we’ve gathered is analysed and compiled, contributing to an accurate picture of the state of the particular drainage network. The drain tracing procedure is cost-effective in terms of both manpower and time spent. It gives us a necessary forewarning of any likely obstacles we’re likely to face when we’re planning drain repairs.

This also helps us to give you an accurate quote for the work we will need to undertake on your behalf. So while there is a cost involved in the drain tracing itself, ultimately it’s a money-saving device because it allows us to accurately predict what our overall costs will be and it contributes to our planning and preparation for the job in hand.

Here at Drainage Consultants Ltd we very much believe in using state of the art technology to diagnose drainage problems, contributing to the professionalism and efficiency of our work. We place these tools and procedures at the heart of what we do, vital to the essential services we provide to you, our customers.

For all and any drainage problems, please don’t hesitate to call Drainage Consultants Ltd today.

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