Can Drain Tracing Help Rescue Lost Pipework?

Locating drains can be a problem. Obviously, they are not normally visible, running underground. In addition, drainage networks have changed over time, with new parts being added, or partly replacing old, Victorian drains. These changes are not always accurately updated on records, which means there can be “lost” pipework as certain parts of a local drainage network end up, effectively, off-plan.

Problem Solving and Proper Planning

If there are drainage issues, such as a collapsed drain, then locating the problem area, if not the drain itself, is crucial. Where excavation is required, then pinpointing the damage will save on a lot of time and effort, and disruption. Otherwise there is an element of digging as exploration.

Not only will drain tracing save on excavation time, but it will also save on time per se, and where there is a serious issue, this can help forestall any further disturbance caused by the damaged drain.

Drain tracing is also a valuable planning tool. Where building work is planned to take place over existing utilities, and where the drainage plans are thought to be incomplete, or inaccurate, drain tracing provides an excellent means of getting the right degree of accurate information about the drainage network.

Over years many properties become over-developed, where alongside a lack of regular maintenance is an inaccurate picture of the utilities they depend on, or are built alongside. Drain tracing provides greater clarity.

A State of the Art Drainage Device      

Sonar drain tracing uses the transmission of electrical pulses to “read” drain underground. With an above-ground receiver tuned in to read the signals sent back, we can then get an accurate reading of the depth and position of drainpipes and features of the local drainage network.

We can trace our sonar device, once we have sent it underground, over a range of different surfaces, including tarmac, soil and concrete.

We also use drain tracing in conjunction with other methods such as dye testing and CCTV drain surveys, where we need to build up an accurate picture of a network and its failings.

Efficient, accurate drainage diagnosis and repair requires modern techniques that bring a cost-effective approach to drainage solutions. That’s why you should choose Drainage Consultants.

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