Can Drain Mapping Help Refurbishments and Rebuilds?

Say you’ve got a project on the go, a major refurbishment or rebuild of an old building. Such work might be your speciality. And there can be various elements involved, from renovation to retrofitting. Obviously you’ll be going in with a project plan, and a clear idea of materials, milestones and sub-contractors. Being prepared is key, not only for what you know you’re planning to do, but also for what you might find when you start your work.

So how should drain mapping fit in with your project? If any part of your refurbishment involves building over drain or sewer pipes you should consider commissioning a thorough drainage investigation. While it’s true that existing plans may be available, you may find that these are not up to date and that subsequent changes made over time have not been recorded.

It’s important that you consider the implications of starting your work without the latest drain mapping information. It’s one thing to have costed out the project based on materials and man-hours, it’s quite another to then have to pay out for damage or disruption to existing utilities if something goes wrong. Furthermore, if your work is contracted to run to a tight schedule, consider also the kind of delays it might be subject to if you encounter difficulties with the local drainage or sewage network. Drain mapping is vital if you’re going to have all the necessary information in advance of beginning your building project.

Cost-effective and proven to be accurate, CCTV technology is used to survey drains and provide the kind of data from which to produce up to date drain mapping. This includes schematic plans and survey sheets, and the location details of inspection chambers and manhole covers.

In fact, in many instances, accurate drain mapping is essential for a contractor’s pre-qualification information when tendering for public sector building projects, in order to fulfil environmental regulations.

The evidence in favour of drain mapping is clear, just as the evidence from drain mapping itself provides clarity to contractors and is a clear benefit when it comes to project planning for refurbishments and rebuilds.

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