Can CCTV Save the UK’s Drainage System?

Research from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt Academy suggests that the increased run-off water from paved gardens could eventually overwhelm the UK’s drainage system.
This makes maintaining and inspecting drains a critical issue. One way of helping ensure drains are working properly is with a CCTV drain survey.
What Does the Future Hold for Drainage?
More and more people are paving over their front gardens, principally to provide additional car-parking space. This increase in paved gardens has serious implications for drainage.
The long-term impact of climate change is likely to be more extreme weather, including storms, with plenty of concentrated rainfall.
In such circumstances, with reduced ground absorbency due to paved gardens, the rain run-off will flow into the drainage system, which will be unable to cope with the excess.
The increased volume of run-off, by 2080, could see Edinburgh experience the equivalent of 12 Olympic swimming pools in excess water, according to the research.
Associate professor at Heriot-Watt, Dr David Kelly has pointed out that domestic front gardens make up some 30% of urban space, and therefore play a vital role in surface drainage. As traditional front lawns disappear, so the risk of flooding increases.
Acting Now to Protect Drainage
What measures will alter this crisis scenario? There are various forms of absorbent surface technology involving porous stone and other materials, but it is also vital that drains are kept in good working order.
A CCTV drain survey is now a well-established means of checking drainage networks and people’s domestic drains.
It allows for an inspection of a drain without extensive preparatory excavations taking place, making it both efficient and cost-effective.
For your future peace of mind, you must ensure that your drains are working as well as they should be. Drains can deteriorate over time. You can even have a collapsed drain on your property and not know about it – if your drain is underground it might be leaking into the ground and can eventually undermine your house’s foundations.
Drainage may be set to become a big issue for the future, but you can act now to protect your property with a CCTV drain survey.