Camera with pictures intact blocks drain in Brecon

Drain inspection engineers in Brecon were surprised to find that a digital camera was the cause of a drain blockage in the town. Most drain blockages are caused by the accumulation of waste products, fat or people flushing nappies or sanitary items into the drainage system, so a camera was not expected.

The camera was ruined, but the memory card remained intact, and when one of the sewer workers inserted it into his computer, it revealed about 300 girlie party pictures. The drainage contractors have published the pictures in the hope that the girls will reclaim them.

The engineer who found and removed the camera, Barry Griffiths, said:

“We get all sorts of stuff clogging up the works but this is the first time we’ve found a camera.”

“When I downloaded the pictures they came up fine – most of them show girls dressed up for a night out.

“Although how the camera got down the sewage in the first place is anyone’s guess.”

Barry also said that the camera is one of his most unusual finds since he began his career 24 years ago. It’s not known how the camera found its way into the drainage system, but it’s hoped the girls are soon reunited with their party snaps.

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