Call in the experts for drain replacement and pipework

Whilst the drainage contractor will aim to carry out any repair work or install pipes and drains without having to dig up the road, it is unfortunately not always feasible to use trenchless technology methods. In this case, excavation work would be required to take on the job and complete it successfully.

One thing you can be assured of however is that the drainage maintenance team will do all they can to minimise the disruption caused to the street, public highway or home where they are working. Traditional trench excavation requires specialist engineers to undertake this kind of work, so you should always contact the professionals in the first instance.

These engineers have already been trained to meet all health and safety regulations and are experienced in working in the private as well as public sector. The training involves how to work in confined spaces and the need to be competent in drain replacement and pipe installation.

Risk assessments are conducted before any work is started as a matter of course and in accordance with current legislation.

So if you are in need of drainage engineers to come and inspect the drain to see if it needs to be replaced or repaired, get in touch with the experts today.

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