Call for greater clarity on insurance relating to drainage

Consumer group Which? has revealed that many customers are unaware that when they sign up for water pipe insurance that it only covers basic servicing, which could leave them open to expensive sewer drainage issues further down the line.

It is costing consumers £100million a year in “unnecessary” cover when free pipe repair schemes are often available from these water companies.

The repair work is not altogether thorough either, according to the CEO at Drain Claim, David Hayes, who said:

“On a daily basis we are seeing the home insurance industry wriggling out of countless drainage insurance claims by using the term ‘serviceable’, a term that we have yet to find a definition for in any home insurance policy documents.

“As far as the innocent insurance customer is concerned the word ‘serviceable’ does not exist when they take out their policies and yet it is being wielded more and more by insurers to convince customers that serious drainage problems can be resolved with a cheap sticking plaster style repair.

“This risky solution leaves customers vulnerable to even greater sewage problems in the future.”

When it comes to sewer problems, it is always worth speaking to the specialists as a reputable drainage contractor will be able to tell you exactly what solution is needed, and perform the right level of repair to prevent any costly situations in the near future.

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