Broken sewer causes road closure in Evesham

A road in Evesham has remained closed all week after the sewer underneath the road collapsed in three places.

Emergency work was started last week on the sewer in School Road after sewage made its way onto the public highway. Because of which, Severn Trent water drain inspection engineers hastily arranged a meeting with the local council to close the road when it because apparent it was not going to be a quick fix.

A letter was sent to local residents explaining the problem. In the letter the senior operations manager from Severn Trent stated:

“These things are not acceptable, are unpleasant for customers who live nearby and we need to deal with them on an emergency basis.

“We understand that School Road is an important route between parts of Salford Priors village/Irons Cross and Bidford/A46.

“That’s why we are doing the work with a road closure so we can carry it out and complete it as quickly as possible.

“We realise that emergency work such as this can be disruptive but we will do all we can to keep the impact of our works to a minimum while we restore Salford Priors sewage pipe network to full operation”.

The road is expected to reopen this Friday.

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